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Proper tree pruning and trimming stimulates growth, helps maintain the natural tree form, improves the tree’s health, and encourages overall safety for your home and family.

Heavy pruning or trimming (not more than ⅓ of the tree) is best completed between early February and late April before the spring growing phase. Lighter pruning and removal of damaged or dead branches can be removed any time of the year. Dead branches should be removed as soon as possible to maintain tree health.

Topping: Removal of top of the tree

Topping is possible, but can be a big change for an established tree to cope with. We recommend a discussion with one of our experts.



Raising: Removal of lower branches

Raising trees has benefits for visibility, grass growth,, aesthetics.



Shaping: Trimming portions of branches to purposes

Shaping of trees is beneficial for aesthetics, but should be very selective towards what is being removed. Exposure of inner branches may lead to


Pruning: Trimming small branches from within the tree for aesthetics and general tidy-up.


Tree Removal (Large and small)

The experienced Stark’s Tree team will perform precision sectioning and lowering around obstacles such as wires, shed, pool, etc. We also love falling entire trees if there is sufficient space to do so safely.

Stump Removal

Stumps are ground into sawdust up to 10” below grade. The resulting hole can be backfilled and re-seeded by Starks if requested.

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Regular maintenance is essential to plant growth and health. Most plants can have light trimming two to three times a year during the growing season.

The timing of heavier pruning depends on the type of plant:
– Evergreen hedges should be trimmed in the spring before the growth starts, but after the last frost
– Shrubs and bushes that flower on previous year’s wood should be trimmed after flowering
– Shrubs and bushes that flower on new wood should be pruned back before the spring growth phase

24/7 Storm Damage Clean-up

Mother nature happens, and at Stark’s Tree Service we offer 24/7 storm and wind damage clean-up to provide you and your family with peace of mind.